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Website Development

Sencio Technologies work on various aspects of website development like developing, building and maintaining the complete Website. We develop Attractive, interactive and mobile friendly website right from its initiation up to its implementation and post production support. We perform various website development activities like requirement gathering, Analysis of the client needs, implementation and execution of the project, providing required functionalities, providing support to the Website and also its maintenance activities. We also provide the service of hosting the website which is developed by us or already develop. We provide Web-site hosting services by hosting the Web Application on the Internet. Sencio Technologies have its own secured and safe server, if client prefers not to use a separate Sever for his Website. Sencio Technologies develop a Website with latest emerging trends and technologies, which support each and every browser available in the market. Read more

Mobile Application

We in Sencio Technologies develop interactive and responsive mobile applications that run on various platforms like Android, JAVA, Macintosh, etc and which function hassle-free and smoothly on latest Smartphone’s. With the help of our Associates who have great expertise in Android, Java, Macintosh and other Mobile Development Technologies, we provide Software’s and Applications that support various operating systems and Mobile Processors and add features and services to the Mobile Applications as per the client requirements and demands. We develop and also launch the customer’s and Business Applications on the web and play store and provide a lite -weight and simple installation process.Read more

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is an Art of putting down your imagination on the canvas. We in Sencio Technologies, have experienced and talented Graphic Designers who with all their efforts and hard work helps our clients, business and customers in putting their ideas and imagination on the view for the audience, by designing various Graphical Designs, Graphical Layouts and Graphical Images and videos. We help the client to showcase his views and ideas to people by designing an eye-catching and attractive Design using various Graphic Designing tools and software’s like Coral Draw, Photoshop, Picasa, AVS Video Editor, etc.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an essential way of marketing as nowadays everyone is connected to the electronic media in one way or another. Sencio Technologies provide Digital Marketing strategies to its clients and also helps them in Marketing of their products and services on the internet through various electronic mediums and tools. We provide digital marketing strategies, solutions and ways for the marketing of our client and their products and also help them in implementing the Digital Marketing strategies and techniques. We provide Digital Marketing Services by marketing and promoting the client or customer and their services on various social networking sites, blogs, web-sites, digital advertising campaigns, digital events, global forums, etc.


Sencio Technologies provide web site improvement services which encompass a full program and research based improvement strategy, together with Competitive Keyword analysis, Content Writing, SEO Engineering. In addition to it, we also make sure to confirm and help your website ranks as high on major search engines, search databases and Google search engine by doing an in depth research and analysis of your market  and the market scope available. We also to a study of our clients strength and the areas needed to develop I order to make the maximum utilization of our SEO Engineering techniques and solutions. We also provide on and off page SEO techniques and solutions. We provide support and services to the Web-Sites and Web Applications and help them in placing at higher rank in various search applications and software with the help of various SEO techniques and Optimization measures.

Bulk SMS

Sencio Technologies provides the services of sending and forwarding bulk SMS to various people on the request of their clients and customers. We provide bulk SMS services to various enterprises, organizations, companies, networks who want to socialize or deliver a message to masses at once or together at a same time. We provide bulk SMS services for promotion and marketing strategies also.

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